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Mark I have always had an appreciation for the inventor. The steps you have designed and created are truly unique. I have not seen anything even close in design or functionality in any magazine or over the internet. I am in my mid 40’s, with your EZEE Steps getting in and out of my Stratos has never and will never be easier. Whether I am in my driveway climbing in of the boat or at the launch hooking and unhooking the EZEE Step have made the process EZEE. Fishing waters in the northeast are cold in the spring and fall, with your EZEE Steps there is no more slippery trailer frame to negotiate and NO more cold wet feet!. By no means is your product for us older guys, 17 to 70 will also enjoy the benefits. I consider them as much a safety benefit as anything. Everyone that owns a boat should have the EZEE Steps.
Thank-X Again

Bob Rose November 2, 2015

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